• Dr Jean-Luc ANTON, Operationnal Manager
  • Pr Pascal BELIN, Scientific Manager
  • Dr Bruno NAZARIAN, MRI instrumentation
  • Dr Julien SEIN, MR physicist


Purpose & mission

The Magnetic Department of CERIMED aims to provide high-quality in-vivo MR imaging service to the scientific community. The Magnetic Department is also known as the La Timone fMRI Center, previously installed in the basement of the La Timone Hospital, and is currently administered by Institut des Neurosciences de La Timone (INT) headed by G MASSON. Most research projects conducted in the Magnetic Department are in human Neuroscience, but the Department is also open to other types of imaging in human and non-human subjects.


The fMRI Centre has excellent technological means:

  • New MRI 3T scanner (PRISMA, Siemens) equipped with very high performance technical systems: a highly homogeneous magnetic field, 2 channels for the emission and 64 channels for reception of radio-frequency signal, the most powerful gradient system on a 3T system (80mT/m, 200 T/m/s).
  • New installations in the CERIMED building : an MR room, a control room and a training room which is equipped with a mock-scanner and a duplication of the stimulation and recording systems described below.
  • Complete stimulation and recording behavioral and physiological answers system, compatible MRI and synchronized real-time on MRI acquisitions:
    • visual, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive, electric, olfactory stimulation
    • behavioural answers: keyboards, mice, joystick, disease angles, voice, eye movements
    • physiological answers: respiratory and cardiac frequency, Electro-Dermal Answer (CED), pupil dilation, Electromyogram (EMG)
    • Electroencephalography system (EEG), 32 electrodes, MRI compatible

Services and pricing

  • MRI imaging on PRISMA scanner
  • Assistance to scanning
  • Engineer development time
  • Mock-up scanner

For service request & quotation please contact Dr. Jean-Luc ANTON or Pr. Pascal BELIN.

Key ongoing and past projects

The Magnetic Department is involved in a number of research projects led by researchers from several neuroscience laboratories in Marseilles and beyond. Main current projects are listed below:

  • Visuo-vestibular contributions to perspective taking: an fMRI approach
  • Voice Areas in Primates – A comparative study in fMRI
  • Inter-individual variability in the temporal voice areas
  • Inter-speaker coordination investigated with fMRI
  • Neurobiological bases of peer influence on cognitive control in drug users

Key publications

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    e0131970. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0131970
  • Reynaud E, Guedj E, Trousselard M, El Khoury-Malhame M, Zendjidjian X, Fakra E, Souville M, Nazarian
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