• Pr Eric GUEDJ (Department Manager)
  • Pr Olivier MUNDLER
  • 3 medical vacations
  • 2 CT Technologists
  • 2 Clinical Research Assistants
  • 1 Medical Physicist


The clinical sector has for mission to provide an imaging platform dedicated to academic laboratories, but also to biotechnology and imaging industry.

The aim is to design and manage protocols of clinical research in biomedical imaging. These protocols will be validated by the Technical Committee of the Clinical Investigation Center of Marseille (C.I.C, AP-HM, Inserm, AMU), on the basis of scientific, ethical criteria and feasibility.

The clinical research will be realized either with commercial equipments and radiopharmaceuticals, or original prototypes and experimental radiopharmaceuticals.

This sector will also be part of the initial and continuous training in imaging for scientists and healthcare professionals (medical doctors, pharmacists, paramedical staffs), with potential industrial partnerships. The ambition is to constitute a reference center in clinical imaging, at the European scale, recognized by academic institutions and biomedical imaging industries.


  • Labs : basement (Level 0), 359 sqm.
  • Office : Tertiary Deptt (Level +1)
  • Contact us


The Clinical Department is actually equiped with :

  • PET-CT
  • Ultrasound
  • Angiography

Multi-modality imaging equipments may also be used for only one of their modalities (i.e. CT only).

Detailed features coming soon.


The realization of clinical trials will be facilitated by the nearness of the University Hospital TIMONE, and the direct communication between the Faculty of Medicine and the Hospital.

For each clinical research protocol, the parteners’ contribution will be defined. The budgetary resources for the realization of protocols (Hospital Program of Clinical Research, Call for tenders of Research, Learned societies, Foundations, Industries), will be allocated to the budgetary unit of CERIMED and to the hospital partner, corresponding to each contribution.

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