Facilities & Platforms

Radiopharmacy & Preclinical Facilities

  • µHigh-Frequency Ultrasound Vevo2100 Visual Sonic
  • µTEP-CT scanner Nanoscan PC Mediso
  • µSPECT-CT scanner Camera nano TEMP-TDM Bioscan
  • Optical scanner Gamma-Imager Biospace
  • Autoradiograph scanner Cyclon Perkin Elmer
  • 2 microsurgery room – Anestéo
  • Rat and mice housing facilities – Techniplast
  • big animals facilities

Imaging Systems

Nuclear Imagingto Top

  • Clinical SPECT/CT: Optima NM/CT 640, General Electric Medical Systems (delivered in March 2014)
  • Clinical PET-CT: Discovery 710 Elite (128-slice CT), General Electric Medical systems (delivered in March 2014)

Magnetic Resonance Imagingto Top

  • New MRI 3T scanner (PRISMA, Siemens) equipped with very high performance technical systems: a highly homogeneous magnetic field, 2 channels for the emission and 64 channels for reception of radio-frequency signal, the most powerful gradient system on a 3T system (80mT/m, 200 T/m/s).
  • New installations in the CERIMED building : an MR room, a control room and a training room which is equipped with a mock-scanner and a duplication of the stimulation and recording systems described below.
  • Complete stimulation and recording behavioral and physiological answers system, compatible MRI and synchronized real-time on MRI acquisitions:

Network & Cluster Computingto Top

  • 1 Gbps ethernet network both for lan and wan access, ready to be upgraded to 10 Gbps within two years
  • dedicated fiber optics allowing up to 100 Gbps data transfer both with the Public Research Hospital “La Timone”, third hospital of Europe in terms of activities, technical and human resources, and The University Institute of Neuroscience of La Timone
  • shared storage of 200TB for raw data
  • 160 Intel Xeon E5 CPU cores/5120 Nvidia P1000 Cuda-cores Computing Cluster equipped with Matlab tools for Parallel Programming, Compilation of license-free matlab programs, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Statistics

Meeting & Training Roomsto Top

  • 90 persons amphitheatre, equipped with Polycom QDX6000 visioconference system, HD 2K/3D InFocus video-projection and 100G fiber optics for HD-SDI audio-video HD 2K live TV-broadcasting & streaming
  • 20 persons meeting room, equipped with video-projection
  • 10 persons meeting room, equipped with Polycom QDX 6000 visio-conference system

Lab Open Spacesto Top

  • 1200 sqm of open spaces for lab hosting & project hosting in instrumentation