• Benjamin GUILLET(Department Manager)
  • Radiopharmacy preparator*
  • Radiopharmacy resident*

*subject to funding


The radiopharmaceutical department of CERIMED contains a production zone for commercial PET radiotracers production and a research and development zone, both located in the basement of the building. This 380sqm department is equipped with two cyclotrons allowing an in situ production of positron-emitting isotopes. The possibility of having two cyclotrons will allow to manage both at the same time the production of isotopes for a commercial purpose and for a research purpose.

A radiopharmaceutical company (Advanced Accelerator Applications, Novartis-3A) will take place in CERIMED partially using and managing the following rooms and equipments :

  • The production cyclotron, two rooms equipped for radiopharmaceutical production and a room for quality control, will be used by AAA for commercial production.
  • a department dedicated to research and development including the research cyclotron, a room equipped for GMP radiotracers production, and a room for quality control. A partnership between AAA and Aix-Marseille University allows the mutualization of premises and equipments between these two entities.

At the heart of the clinical department, a hot lab dedicated to clinical activities enables the preparation of SPECT radiotracers and the conditioning of PET radiotracers. Administratively, this lab will be part of the Hospital Pharmacy (AP-HM) and its activity will be placed under the responsibility of the AP-HM radiopharmacy coordinator.

The main advantages of this sector are :

  • an infrastructure enabling to handle on one and the same place, commercial PET radiotracers GMP production, while developing a dynamic research activity in CERIMED.
  • a strong partnership with an industrial leader in the field of radiopharmacy which will develop R&D in CERIMED by employing experienced radiochemists and pharmacists.
  • this radiopharmaceutical department confers on CERIMED its singularity around Europe. This department has a cross-activity among the others


  • Labs : underground (Level -1)
  • Office : Tertiary Deptt (Level +1)
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Nota : Many of the following equipments are managed by the Novartis-Advanced Accelerator Applications/Aix-Marseille University convention.

Le secteur Radiopharmaceutique dispose de :

  • 2 cyclotrons for positron-emitting isotopes
  • Production hot lab :
    • Radiochemistry hot cells
    • Synthesis modules
  • R&D Hot lab :
    • Radiochemistry hot cells
    • Synthesis modules
  • QC lab :
    • Spectrometer
  • R&D lab :
    • Spectrometer.

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