• Christian MOREL (Co-responsable secteur)
  • Thomas FABIANI
  • ITA en mécanique/mécatronique

Intrumenation R&D

The technological department is dedicated to assembling and setting up innovative imaging systems.

This department is a technical lab dealing with integration and validation of complex prototypes. This lab comes with a 180 sqm assembly hall, adjacent to a 80 sqm mechanic workshop. The 77 sqm clinical experiment room allows to accommodate for clinical purpose in one and same place, the prototypes assembled beforehand in the hall. Underground, a second 50 sqm experiment room part of the SPF zone of the preclinical department allows the implementation of prototypes for preclinical imaging. These devices are completed by:

  • una workshop for electronics (48 sqm),
  • un a workshop for optics(38 sqm),
  • une a grey room (30 sqm),
  • une a CAD room (20 sqm),
  • une a server room (30 sqm).

The technological department is placed under the responsibility of the CPPM (Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille) technical services, for mechanics, eclectronics, and computing.


Assembly Hall

The assembly hall is subdivided into a zone of delivery, a zone of storage and a zone of assembly. The hall of assembly is also accessible by a large gate allowing the entrance of a 19-ton truck in the zone of delivery. A zone of storage equipped with a mezzanine is next to the zone of delivery. The zone of assembly can itself be subdivided into 6 workspaces linked individually with the various networks (electricity, gas and IT) and being able to be separated by removable protective walls of concrete. The whole assembly hall comes with a 5-ton charge crane.

Workshop for mechanics

The workshop for mechanics allows to bring a logistic support to the teams working on the assembly and validation of the prototypes. It is equipped with diverse machines and tools, of a metrology cabin and a mezzanine for storage.

Workshop for electronics

The workshop for electronics allows testing and assembly of electronic boards. It includes two electronics engineer’s workbenches equipped with the necessary furnitures for setting up electronic boards (oscilloscope, logical analyzer, multimeasure, etc.).

Workshop for optics

The workshop for optics is a room without window, with darkening airlock, endowed with a double normal and inactinic lighting. It is equipped with an optical table and elements of optics (lasers, objects carrier, lenses, diaphragms, etc.) necessary for the realization of bench tests in optics.

Grey room

The grey room is in overpressure, endowed with an airlock for entrance allowing to guarantee one degree of cleanliness of the air equivalent to 30 000 particles/m3, enabling the assembly of devices requiring strict cleanliness conditions (integrated circuits, twinkling modules, etc.). It includes a laminar flow cell.

CAD room

The CAD room allows to accommodate up to four workstations for the design of mechanical plans and electronic boards.

Server room

The server room, endowed with ventilated cupboards and invertersupplies arranged on a false floor, enables the accomodation of digital systems (calculation farms, CPU/GPU cluster, storage bays, etc.) and routers necessary for the smooth running of the building and all its activities.

Mecatronic tomXgam bench

Besides, the experiment room of the Preclinical Department will be equipped with the tomXgam mecatronics bench developed in the CPPM. Established with two rotators on a common translation rail and fed by slip rings, tomXgam will host prototypes of detection and/or irradiation to allow the acquisition of tomographic data on spiral trajectories around a retractable animal support. Rotators can be either enslaved or operated independently and will be accompanied with a mobile specific equipment allowing to disengage them and to handle them in the hall of assembly.


The technological sector will support the experiments approved by the CERIMED commitee on proposal of the Scientific Orientation Council of CERIMED, up to the number of ETP awarded by the projects partners to the Technological department (mechanics, electronics, computing) for the fulfillment of this service.